The most comprehensive app on the marketplace on photography.

The most comprehensive app on the marketplace on photography.

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Lead Development Team

Amiya Patanaik currently a graduate student in the School of Computer Engineering at NTU Singapore. He has a fascination for technology and spends most of his time in front of a computer or with friends.

Gyanendu Sahoo naval architect by profession, ambitious, dedicated and focused to his passion and always keen to venture unexplored avenues. He is a fun loving and cheerful guy who enjoys travelling and sports.

Vishram Mishra is a nocturnal graduate student at School of Computer Engineering, NTU. He loves coding, doing practical hack and enjoys reversing electronic stuffs.

Special Thanks to

Ishtapran Sahoo a biologist who loves to live in the moment, capture it and then its his, forever. Thinks that Being Patient, being consistent and being insatiable, is the key to becoming great at whatever you do.

Gigi Chi Ting Au-yeung a material scientist and engineer who adores art and design; believes in creativity and imagination; expresses emotions and feelings; loves her family and friends.

Preetish Anand A software engineer by profession , mesmerised with the beauty of framing. Photography is his passion and more than just a hobby now.


Arkenstone Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
We are based in Mumbai. Currently residing in Singapore.
P: (65) 9234 9681

Modeling Credits

Kenneth Chen, Anuradha Sahoo and Palak

Photo Credits

Used with permission. The copyright of the photos belong to the respective photographers

Steven Chung, Milan Jurek, Belovodchenko Anton, Kevin Hadley, Carlo San, Martyn Hearson, Jeremy Hanke, John Jilderda, Nathan Ingersoll, John Cho,Thomas Mavrofides, Rafal Zurmanowicz, Pop Catalin, Marcin Morawiec, Wadim Kahlkopf, Annette Crimmins, Mike Munchel, Leslie van Veenhuyzen, Andreas Krappweis, Ali Rose, Tore Paulsen, Mateusz Atroszko, Jeremy Doorten, Mike Munchel, Enrico Nunziati, Vivek Chugh, Wong Mei Teng, Rosika Voermans, Gayle Lindgren, Gary Scott, Mihai Tamasila, Fred Fokkelman, J. Henning Buchholz, Rafal Grzejszczyk, Makio Kusahara, Dirk Ziegener, Jose Assenco and Iker Cross-platform Mobile App Development Showcase

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